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Sous Chef Sunday: Kool Aid Milkshakes

Like most other kids, the Sons don’t always appreciate everything I do in the everyday. And like every other mom or dad in the world, at some point all that taken-for-granted-ness and the take take take, more, more, MORE build up and eventually busts. And when that happens, this mom puts herself in time out. And lo and behold a miracle happens. They get there little selves together. Miraculously, attitudes improve, they become thankful, or at least polite again. I’ll take it, even if it’s only for a little while until the natural order reasserts itself.

 Kool Aid Milkshakes

And once very very blue moon there’s a ray of light in the ‘ they’re being crapheads ‘ darkness. This was one. For the one always doing the feeding, there are times when it can feel like a chore. I mean as much as I love cooking, meal planning, the whole nine yards I’m not just doing it for my passion anymore. I have to, it’s expected of me. And like any other job, occasionally I get ‘burnt out’ and just need a break. Especially when I hear all day the ‘that this or that would be or is good, BUT’ s …

so while i was all alone in time out, the grown up version where there’s good reads and my hidden chocolates, and generally leaving the hubs and sons alone, they go and do something totally unexpected and right up my alley with the mush factor and Make me something sweet to eat ‘because I’m a sweetie’. And not just any sweets, one of their favorites. Milkshakes! Who cares that there’s a chance I was just a means to an end, an excuse to enjoy these creamy drinks because they were awesome. But they SHARED their shakes with me. Totally hit the spot. And they weren’t made by me ! And they even cleaned up the kitchen.

While those lovely little kool aid packets make a tasty little treat with the simple addition of a little water, add a dash to two other things you’ve probably got stocked in the fridge and you’re in for a deliciously sweet treat that’s ready to enjoy in under five minutes. Two, tops! And how often do we get to embrace instant gratification in the kitchen?!

Kool Aid Milkshakes

kool aid milkshakes 2

1 tsp Kool Aid drink mix, flavor of your choosing
1 1/2 cup milk
3 cups of vanilla yogurt


1. Put all 3 ingredients in the blender and mix them up until they’re fully blended and you’ve got milkshake consistency. That’s it. One step and done.

The key to making this milkshake is adding vanilla flavored yogurt. Trust me on this. Plain yogurt is just too tart. I tried, folks. But as long as you use vanilla flavored yogurt the recipe will be perfect.


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  1. Kool aid milkshakes? Genius!


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