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Snowmen On A Stick

Aren’t these snowmen on a stick just adorable? They made the perfect end to our tree trimming this year.

 snowmen on a stick

When Son # 4 was born in 2009 we had always used an artificial tree. That Black Friday we pulled out our trusty tree form storage and every single Christmas decoration we owned just like we did every year. To say I get a little excited over trimming the tree and decking the halls would be an understatement. When I saw the way the hubs was paused over the tree bin, just staring down into it, I knew something was wrong. The look way he looked at me when he glanced up? My stomach dropped. His next words had me on the verge of tears, “Baby, it’s broken.” How? Who knows. The hubs is the best packer and most careful organizer I’ve ever met. But it happened, and Christmas just wasn’t going to be the same. We had 3 older kids and a new baby. I was a stay at home Mom on the hubs meager income. We didn’t have money to buy a new tree. How could we have Christmas without a tree?!?! Trust the hubs to immediately come to the rescue and save the day. 20 minutes later the hubs had us all packed in the car like sardines, but told me not to worry, we were going to get a tree. That. day. In another 20 minutes we were all busy exploring the tree farm fields for our first actual Christmas tree.

Since then, after Thanksgiving we always head off to the local tree farm to pick out our annual family Christmas tree. We’ve always been big on traditions, and I’ve got to say this one turned out to be an awesome accident. And every year, everyone gets into the hunt. And yes, we all have that Clark Griswold moment, with golden light shining down illuminating our perfect tree. Then it’s time to saw that sucka down. And thankfully, we always remember the saw 😉

 The Sons' Christmas Tree 2014

The hubs and Son # 2 oversaw that job this year.

The Sons' Christmas Tree 2014 2

You didn’t have to ask or mention it twice, Son # 2 was chomping at the bit to help his Daddy. They were pretty proud of themselves and their personal best chop time.

I wanted to do a fun festive treat for the boys to enjoy while the Christmas  music’s playing and I’m singing at the top of my lungs humming along as we all hang ornaments and rehash stories of when they were made or their significance. And these powdery snowmen were easy to assemble and even easier to enjoy.

 Snowmen on a Stick

snowmen on a stick 2

powdered doughnuts
orange and green Mike & Ike candies
wooden skewers
black food coloring


1. Carefully thred three doughnuts onto a skewer. Carefully, because the sons went through too many broken doughnuts to count before they found their gentle touch.
2. Place an orange Mike & Ike candy in the hole of the top doughnut for the nose. Place a green in each of the remaining holes for ‘buttons’.
3. Dip the tip of a toothpick into the black food coloring and make dots for the eyes and mouth.
4. That’s it. Easy, right? Additionally, you can use fruit roll ups or some other kind of bendy candy to make a scarf, but I was making do with what was in the pantry.


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  1. love this idea – so festive.


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