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Dessert Kabobs

Dessert Kabobs

Every year the football team the boys play for hosts a homecoming game. The entire association goes out of it’s way to make the night memorable for the kids. There’s moon-bounces. There’s cotton candy and giant popcorn machines. All the Moms are decked out in team colors, and proudly sporting their players’ number and pictures on pins for the whole world to see. There’s even a parade. All the Dads get together and they bring their big trucks. The bigger the better. The trucks are covered in excessive amounts of crepe paper, streamers and posters. You could probably see the team colors from space at that point, but just in case there was any uncertainty the posters clarify which team they represent and which age group. All the kids climb up into the backs of the trucks and are ferried around the field, on the track, several times. The team gets to watch as all the younger kids (and parents too) scramble to catch the candy they’re tossing out, and every Mom takes at least 1,385 pictures of the entire event. The whole night everyone is feeling pretty special. It’s definitely a huge confidence boosting event for the kids. It’s pretty awesome stuff. Best of all,  the proceeds from everything gets funneled back into the association to pay for new equipment, uniforms, field maintenance, etc.

Every year there’s also the biggest bale sale I’ve ever seen. The parents of every player either make or buy something to be sold to help earn money towards whatever the goal is. At the end of the night the players are allowed to ransack the table and enjoy as many sweat treats as they’re allowed. This is my contribution, Dessert Kabobs.

Dessert Kabobs

Dessert Kabobs

  • wooden skewers
  • large marshmallows
  • fresh blueberries
  • fresh strawberries
  • 1 box brownie mix, cooked according to package directions, cooled, and cute into bite sized squares


  1. It’s super simple. Alternate threading fruit, marshmallows, and brownies onto your skewers until you’ve achieved the desired look and amount.
  2. Serve as is, or wrap in cellophane if packaging for an event.

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